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We offer a special reduced price for Childrens Birthday Parties. This price only applies to families, for small parties. The show can be held at a private home or other location, providing there is access to electricity.

The cost for a kids birthday party is $425 + travelling expenses, for a booking within Sydney.

This is $100 off the normal price, for a one off show, when not booked as part of a package.

The cost includes ingredients, shopping time, set up, THE SHOW, cleaning up, washing dishes & packing up.

Please email us and we will let you know the travelling expenses involved.

Optional Fun with Games, can be booked for only $100 extra, when booked with the show. [N.B. The normal cost of 'Fun with Games' are $350 for a local Corporate booking & $250 for private childrens birthday party.]

Public Holidays & Public Holiday weekends, excluding Christmas Day & New Years Eve, are an additional $100. Christmas Day & New Years Eve prices are negotiable.

After 6 pm, or before 9 am, on Friday or Sunday is an additional $100.
After 6pm, or before 9 am, Saturday is an additional $150
After 6pm, or before 9 am, Monday - Thursday is an additional $75

Bookings on Sundays are an additional $25.

Face Painting can also be arranged as part of the package. The face painter often helps with the 'Fun with Games' & is a general assistant at the party. This optional extra is between $200 - $250, depending on time, location & activities.

If the party is close to Christmas, Santa can also be included as part of a package for an additional $125. This more than half the price of our cheapest normal Christmas Party rates. N.B. If Santa is booked separately to a show this generous discount does not apply.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


* Travelling time is additional and added to the fee. When you let us know the location & time, we will confirm the travelling time. e.g. Offpeak to the city is $25, Offpeak to Parramatta is $40, Offpeak to Bondi Beach is $40, Offpeak to Chatswood is $10.

* Relevant Harbour Bridge, Tunnel & Road Tolls are additional.

* Electricity is of course required to the performance area. For picnics in parks, etc, a generator may need to be supplied.

* COMEDY SPECIALISTS, DON MURCHISON, ARTISTES & SCRIPT WRITER RESERVE COPYRIGHT ON ALL PERFORMANCES. Any video of the performance is for private use & must not be reproduced, sold, or screened on TV, without the express conditional approval of Comedy Specialists, the performers & script writer.

* Comedy Specialists expect a courtesy request to video or film the act. In return for allowing filming, the client will supply a copy of the video to "Comedy Specialists" for their records, free of charge.

* Prices are current as per the date at the bottom of the relevant page & are always subject to the availability of specific performers & artists. Prices require confirmation for the following year.

* FOR BOOKINGS WE REQUIRE A NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT, to confirm your booking, with the balance payable just prior to the gig. This can be done through internet banking or direct transfer to our nominated bank account. Bookings are not confirmed, nor are dates held, until we receive your deposit & it is cleared by the bank. Until we receive your deposit we reserve our right to confirm other bookings. We are strictly limited with the number of gigs we can perform on any day or night, & once we receive our quota, we do not accept further bookings. Thus to avoid disappointment, your deposit should be made without delay. The final payment is due just PRIOR to the performance, either by cash, bank cheque, internet banking or direct transfer to our nominated bank account. Personal cheques are accepted only if they are paid & received at least a week in advance of the booking to allow for clearance.

* Once confirmed there is no cancelation clause & deposits are non refundable.

* When you verbally [or via email] confirm your booking with us, we will email you a CONFIRMATION. You complete & email this back to us.

* Where parking is charged, or difficult, arrangements must be made by the organiser / company / venue so this is not a cost or inconvenience to the performers.

* Travel expenses & other charges may apply. Please see below for details.

* Generally it is expected that performers will be offered beverages between acts.

* A clean area must be provided for performers to change in. This must be under cover from the sun & NOT a toilet or area open to the children. A responsible person must ensure kids don't rush in when performers are getting changed.

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The Jungle Chalet,
Valleyview Glen,
Cnr Valleyview Cres. & Innes Rd,
SYDNEY, NSW, 2065.

Phone:61 - 2 - 9906 2350. (9am - 6pm, Monday - Friday. Answer phone after hours.)
Mobile:n/a. (en route to gigs.)
Facsimile:We have now discarded our fax in favour of email.

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