A special treat for Birthdays,
Weddings, Anniversaries, & Special Occasions.

Script written especially for the occasion.

Inside is a comedian or a dancer!

Cake Act, comedy, dancers, birthdays, parties, speeches, birthday cakes.

A Cake Act is a short comedy & dance routine which normally lasts between 15 - 25 minutes, & is usually performed for someone having a birthday.

Sometimes companies book the Cake Act for an anniversary or to highlight a special occasion. It can also be booked for weddings, to precede the wedding cake.

The Comedian bursts in to the party, often dressed as a character like a Mad Psychiatrist, to deliver a short witty speech, which is specially written for each occasion. Usually there is ad-libbing with the audience, to make it fun and spontaneous. The duration can vary depending on pause-laughter time and ad libbing. He then invites the audience to sing 'Happy Birthday', and while they are singing he wheels in the gigantic [wooden, metal & fabric covered] Cake. with candles lit around the front and sides of the Cake. The recipient then blows out the candles. Out jumps a glamourous female dancer, who performs a dance routine, usually getting the birthday person up dancing during her performance! The recipient is left with a copy of the script.

If the birthday person is a lady, a male comedian can jump out of the Cake and a female assistant can wheel the Cake in to the party. Candles are lit around the front of the Cake. The birthday person blows out the candlas and out bursts the comedian. The comedian performs a short comedy routine, in the form of a short witty speech, with appropriate ad-libbing & audience involvement. He concludes his Act teaching her [or dancing] Ceroc steps, to the amusement of the audience. The recipient is left with a copy of the script.

We email you a Questionnaire sheet, which you complete & email back to us. We use the information you provide as a basis to write the script, which is customised towards the particular person (or company if it is for a Corporate function.) It generally takes three to six hours to prepare the comedy script / short witty speech.

The comedian is usually dressed as a character - Mad Psychiatrist, Doctor, Crazy Golfer, Bobby Policeman, etc... Our professional female dancer usually performs a well rehearsed modern dance routine, but if the birthday person is a lady, the male comedian usually dances Ceroc.

Occasionally the person booking the act has a particular person they would like to jump out of the Cake. If this is the case this person takes the place of the female dancer.

The Cake measures 123 cm in diameter (4 feet.) This means it will not fit in most standard lifts in one piece (but will usually fit in a goods lift). It requires double doors to be wheeled in to the room. However we can split it into two, and reassemble it if necessary. Do not fear, if we can get it to the Revolving Restaurant, at the top of Centrepoint Tower, we can take it anywhere!!!


If this is a Corporate or company function, you will click on CORPORATE CAKE ACT. All other bookings, like birthdays, booked by friends or individuals, are regarded as PRIVATE CAKE ACTS.

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